About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company


OSN TELECOM S.A.R.L is a telecommunication company which was established in 2017 in corporate under the Laws of Lebanon, whose registered office is Located in Al Dawra Beirut. OSN TELECOM is registered in the Lebanese Chamber of commerce. OSN TELECOM S.A.R.L is your long-term SMS solution provider. We provide a fully operational Bulk SMS Platform that can adapt to new business environments. This platform would enable you to achieve highest quality service and effective support compliance handling. We help different businesses communicate easily to their customers and to gain new customers through our professional services.

OSN TELECOM S.A.R.L provides complete and cost-effective e-marketing solutions. Bulk text messaging is a highly effective way to communicate with a large volume of people - but only if your messages are delivered. The SMS market is full of unreliable service providers, and if your messages aren't delivered, you're apparently throwing money away.