HLR Lookup

HLR Lookup or The popularity of Mobile Number Portability services MNP has increased significantly over the past years. This HLR Lookup service allows mobile phone users to switch from one network to another without having to change their existing mobile number. With an increasing number of people opting for HLR Lookup service, it is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee that your messages will be delivered. Our HLR Lookup will allow you to ascertain the validity of any given number before sending your messages. This will save you money on the undeliverable messages. HLR stands for Home Location Register, HLR Lookup Services can save you both time and money. Through the relationships that OSN TELECOM has established with a variety of different global mobile operators, the company is in a position to offer a highly reliable HLR Lookup service allowing you to gain deeper knowledge of your customer MSISDNs and how as well as when to interact with them. This HLR Lookup service is based entirely on its own SMSC hardware with absolutely no 3rd parties involved in the HLR solution.


HLR lookup process is fast, effective, inexpensive, and accurate. Our HLR system can process up to 1000 requests per second asynchronously.

Main HLR Lookup Features:

  • Verification of both basic and advanced number search
  • Confirms the availability of the subscriber, best route for either voice or message
  • HLR Lookup service returns information about the number, including the MNC, MCC and the network name assigned to the number as well as the MNC, MCC and the network name that the number was transferred to. In fact you will get all details about IMSI, MSC, MCC, MNC, MCCMNC, network, country, and roaming and portability information.
  • Features call termination
  • Cleans the database
  • Saves money
  • Has a fraud prevention feature
  • Improves relations with clients

Our HLR Lookup service can be accessed via Web portal, SMPP or by http requests. With easy to integrate HLR API you can have HLR Lookup service in your system within few minutes. Regardless of which industry you are in OSN TELECOM HLR Lookup service will permit you to increase routing effectiveness, decrease costs, decrease potential fraud and generally provide you with a more accurate system to interact with your customers. From both a technical and commercial perspective, OSN TELECOM HLR is one of the most competitive companies offering HLR Lookup service. The whole process of running HLR Lookup service is very simple.

HLR Lookup Cost:

The cost of our HLR Lookup service varies from 0.002 euro per HLR till below 0.0015 euro for high HLR volumes.

HLR Lookup Coverage:

Our HLR Lookup covers all operators that support HLR Lookup service.

HLR Lookup API:

You can easily integrate HLR Lookup to any system in few minutes. Signup to our HLR Lookup service and you will receive our HLR Lookup API documentation.

HLR Lookup Support:

Our expert team is ready 24/7 to answer all your queries for HLR Lookup service.