OSN TELECOM SMS Gateway is an advanced BULK SMS Gateway for Aggregators, Carriers and operators. Our SMS Gateway Platform is designed for mission critical solution. We offer you an SMSC getaway that is very unique and reliable. This enables your business to do an array of things, including sending WAP push messages, text messages, binary messages, WAP multimedia messages, Multimedia Messages and others in a fast, reliable and stable way. We offer a dedicated SMS Gateway Platform where large volume is required or you can choose a hosted SMS Gateway where you will get the SMPP functionality as a service. As such, you will not need to download and install any software or even acquire new hardware to use the functionality of our SMS Gateway. An increasing number of businesses today would like to also offer SMPP access to their clients from different parts of the globe. With hosted SMS Gateway Platform, you can actually add your own SMPP accounts and even set up new routing capabilities and routers without the risk of exposing your provider to the client. The hosted SMS Gateway we offer at OSN TELECOM is designed with the medium and small sized businesses in mind. Such businesses tend to have limited IT resources and less time to concentrate on the hosted SMS Gateway services. This is why we have hosted our SMS Gateways to cater for all your needs and give you more time to concentrate on running and expanding the business. ---> Zero downtime SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway Advantages:

  • We offer Access to experienced and professional customer care staff any time of the day. The staff will help you deploy and even manage the SMS gateway, according to the specific needs of your business.
  • Low initial expenditure with our dedicated or hosted SMS Gateway. While using our SMS services, you will not need to install any software or even buy extra hardware. Additionally, our SMS Gateway will allow your business to leverage the existing technologies against a new system.
  • We offer a service-level agreement with our SMS Gateway. This guarantees our clients of peak level performance in the event of disaster recovery, business continuity and even security threats.
  • You can actually predict your operating costs with our SMS gateway. This may be attributed to our contracted services that are based on either a fixed flat-rate billing or monthly billing charges.

SMS Gateway Features

  • Unlimited numbers of resellers and users.
  • Unlimited numbers of SMPP Connections.
  • Define users speed, timeout, number of sessions, access…
  • We have tested our SMS Gateway with 10,000 SMS per second on 16GB RAM * 8 CPU Server

SMS Gateway SMSCs:

  • Copy, edit, delete or add SMSC on the fly.
  • Resend or reroute pending messages.
  • Loop detection and action.
  • Control SMSC session type (Transmitters and receiver or Transceiver)
  • Unlimited numbers of smpp connections to SMSCs
  • Check SMSC Status and Statistics.

SMS Gateway Firewall:

  • Our SMS Gateway can Block messages or reroute messages based on many parameters:
  • Sender ids
  • Message Content
  • Mobile number
  • SMSC
  • Operator

Sending of SMS through our SMS Gateway:

  • Support few millions SMS in one click
  • Multilanguage web interface
  • Support all languages inside SMS
  • Schedule SMS
  • Control SMS sending speed
  • SMS Alert notification when campaign is done
  • Customized SMS with 5 parameters
  • Group SMS
  • Multimedia SMS

SMS Gateway Monitoring tools:

    We offer the below monitors with our SMS Gateway:
  • SMPP Monitoring console.
  • HLR Monitoring console.
  • Web monitor.
  • Bulk process monitor.

Why OSN TELECOM SMS Gateway Platform:

We have taken all your SMS business requirements into account while developing our SMS Gateway. This SMS gateway server will allow you to add unlimited number of SMS resellers and clients as well as unlimited numbers of carriers, operators and SMS providers depending on your business needs, you will have full access of our SMS Gateway giving you all the tool needed to help you success in SMS business. To get our SMS Gateway quote please contact us: