SMS Marketing


We have a state-of-the-art and effective mobile platform which is guaranteed to offer a direct, real-time and riveting experience for users and SMS is just the ticket to put your message across them. When it comes to either acquiring or dealing with business critical content, passwords or push marketing, we have the answer for each of these of your business concerns.

Craft. Employ. Develop

Sharing hands with us gives you access to a variety of tools and interfaces that facilitate your business to make the most from the compelling communication platform of SMS. Maximize the opportunity to send SMS in a shot via our innovative and proven web messaging platform. In fact, exercising our platform, enables you to send and receive SMS, house contacts, keep up business campaigns and drive effective reports that actually delineate how SMS is working in relation to your business Even if you wish to modify, automate or revise an SMS message within the business applications, we are prepared to lend a helping hand to you by giving you a host of hassle-free and effective integration options.

Create. Engage. Grow.

Partnering with us gives you access to a number of tools and interfaces that allow your business to benefit from the powerful communication medium of SMS. You can send SMS within seconds using our web messaging platform. Using the platform, you can send and receive SMS, house contacts, manage campaigns and run powerful reports that show you how SMS is performing for your business. If you want to automate or trigger an SMS message within your existing business applications, we can assist you with a number of flexible and powerful integration options.

SMS Notifications

Automate communication and increase efficiency of business processes to ensure important notifications are delivered fast, securely and directly to your target audience. "Your SMS Account is running low on balance. It's time to credit your account with substantial balance. Register our website to top up your account today at"

SMS Marketing

Bridge rapport with your database, beef up your fidelity program, maximize traffic online, step up engagement and convey all marketing offers and deals. Messaging has become a part and parcel of modern-day life cycle abstraction and promotional strategy.

SMS Reminders

Automatizing SMS reminders is a remarkable and cost-effective way to cut down your payment collection period, cut down appointment no-shows and augment a variety of critical business process.

SMS Confirmations

Send instant confirmation of transactions or purchases, account details, and other important information directly to a customer's mobile device to achieve greater customer satisfaction!

MS Enquiries

Give your end users the flexibility and get access to the database on the go. Mobile generated messaging solutions necessitate the mobile subscriber to deliver a SMS to a specific number, maximize the response rate with the required information

SMS Monitoring

Real-time and remote observance of significant infrastructure and systems have helped enable a host of clients to free up resources from the backside, thus resulting in maximized ratios and decreased costs.