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Adapting to the need of sending millions of bulk SMS volumes, OSNTELECOM offers you this opportunity to send your campaigns with one click through its user friendly Web SMS Portal. Sending your promotional and marketing campaigns, be it launching a new product, service or promoting a certain entity, our messaging system allows you to initiate your SMS traffic efficiently and with a blink of an eye. A high rate of delivery, high conversion rate and effective execution and termination time, is what OSNTELECOM provides in terms of campaign/bulk SMS sending. In addition, OSNTELECOM offers the necessary set of API integrations that allows clients to bind using their own application software to our Bulk SMS website platform. In case the clients desire to send their campaign or SMS bulk traffic from our own platform directly, a company customizable and easy-to-use Bulk SMS portal can also be offered from our side for that matter. Having our own unique and classified Mobile Numbers Database for several World Wide destinations, that is categorized into Population, Gender, Nationality, Age etc., OSNTELECOM gives you the opportunity to execute your promotional SMS campaigns in a professional and strategic way, allowing your SMS traffic to reach the targeted audience and grab their attention. Campaigns will be executed with detailed reporting and insights, guaranteeing high delivery rates and termination at scheduled periods of time to the right audience.