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Mobile Network Operators are constantly experiencing several threats and hardships concerning the Short Messaging Service. Those obstacles include, but not limited to, filtering out and eliminating fraud messages and unwanted grey routes, gaining full control on monitoring, analyzing and charging every single message being terminated for that destination and maximizing profits by reducing routes’ leakages and unwanted traffic spikes. With our customizable and user friendly Firewall, OSNTELECOM offers the opportunity to help MNOs overcome such impediments and hindrance, through implementing its own hardware and software SMS Firewall system that plays a major role in SMS monetization, traffic filtering, grey route blocking, reducing income leakage and proper SMS chargeability. Our Firewall scans terminated messages on spot, looking into its origin and source per each route used, while filtering Sender IDs and SMS channels (A2P/P2P) for hidden messages and leakage control. Network Operators can sit back and enjoy the safe, secure and profitable ride!