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Terms & Conditions

OSNTELECOM strongly suggests that you carefully and extensively read and abide by these Terms of Use before using of this Website. Due to accessing and using of this Website, you have been considered to be legally notified of the listed Terms and Conditions and you did agree to be bound by the mentioned Terms of Use which are related to this Website. OSNTELECOM offers a wide range of services and thus additional service/site modification or addition of specific terms may apply and to be considered as part of our agreement.


1.1. OSNTELECOM hereinafter ON SPEED NETWORK INTERNATIONAL and whose registered office is situated at 1620 PINEHURST AVE EXCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA, 92026 United States of America 1.2. You are willing to use the services we offer in accordance with our Terms of Use which you have agreed upon and you have acknowledged it by all means. 1.3. These Terms and Conditions of Use do cover all users of this site and all related OSNTELECOM offered services, including the displayed content of all information, service and resources which are mentioned and offered.

Constraints on the Use of Information and Material

2.1. All information, materials, service marks, trademarks, platforms and all other intellectual icons properties are owned solely by OSNTELECOM and you are bound by the agreement which prohibits you of any act of copying, reproducing, modifying or distributing of any information or material found on this Website. 2.2. OSNTELECOM does not hold responsibility of any behaviors or consequences being related as direct or indirect to your use of any material on this website. OSNTELECOM will take suitable measures to keep all information on this Website precise and up to date, however OSNTELECOM will not be responsible for any incomplete and not up to date or any sort of disfigured information. 2.3. By having Access to this website and requesting to create an Account or use of any Service, this do imply that you are authorized and qualified legally to bind your company or yourself to these Website's Terms of Use when utilizing any of the offered services. 2.4. By using any offered material on this Site, you have agreed to maintain the confidential of all the provided information including (credentials, deals, agreements, etc.) as a result of using the offered Platforms and Services, complying with the Terms of Use.

Limitation of Liability or Assigning responsibilities

Under any circumstances OSNTELECOM or its Partners, Affiliates, Licensors, Vendors, Staff (Assigned Directors, Officers, Employees, etc.) or developers or contributors to this Website will hold no liability for any kind of whatsoever loss, damage or injury whether direct or indirect, punitive, special consequences, exemplary, incidental or being based on breach of contract, ignorance, negligence resulting from your miss use of this Website. You hereby agree to this fundamental issues of the Terms of Use and agreement nevertheless you waived all such claims against OSNTELECOM and all of its Partners, Affiliates, Licensors, salesmen, Staff (Assigned Directors, Officers, Employees, etc.) or related contributors to this Website.

Applicable laws and ways to resolve disputes

These Terms of Use shall be bind by and in accordance with the applicable laws. and in case any raised dispute between your side and OSNTELECOM, concerning the Terms of Use of this Website, this will be solved by the courts of law…… nevertheless no one of the related parties will be interfering with or join any other non-concerned entity other than your side and OSNTELECOM.

Privacy policy

Since your privacy is important to’’ OSNTELECOM’’ Accordingly,’’ OSNTELECOM’’ has developed its own private policy so that you can take in consideration how ‘’OSN TELECOM’’ collects, uses and, in certain circumstances, discloses the information that you have clarified and/or that was automatically provided to ‘’ OSNTELECOM’’ due to your visit, using of Website, purchasing or using ‘’OSNTELECOM’’ products or services. This Policy of Privacy is dedicated to you by ‘’OSNTELECOM’’ which secures your personal information. Finally, this Policy of Privacy explains & clarify your options regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.