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Gateway Management

Using our own customized and fully equipped SMS Gateway, OSNTELECOM initiates, manages and organizes your SMS flow down to the smallest step and detail until reaching the MNO. Our SMS Gateway Management, which acts as an SMS Managing Hub, allows for detailed traffic reporting with full transparency, broad SMS routing and coverage, blocking and leakage detection, information archiving and invoicing/payment facilitation. Enhancing client and provider engagement, along with internal team coordination and engagement within various departments, to perfectly interconnect, execute and monitor every single submitted SMS is what our Gateway effectively achieves and that is certainly second to none.

Stop Leakages

Ensure SMS flows to your network with full visibility

Detect and Block

Detect and block verification codes that mimic P2P SMS

Act like an SMS Clearing Hub

Act as an SMS Clearing Hub, settling all SMS payments

Guarantee Payment

Guarantee you receive payment for every SMS reaching your network