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SMS Gateway

Is a platform that enables connectivity between SMS aggregators and/or enterprises to globally terminate incoming and outgoing SMS traffic. Characterized by its high throughput and its capability to manage SMPP and HTTP interconnections, our SMS Gateway gives telecom carriers and service providers the ability to offer their customers a a whole range of messaging services. Using an intelligent algorithm routing management, our SMS Gateway routes the incoming and outgoing SMS traffic and also offers connectivity to 3rd parties for
delivering and receiving SMS.

Our SMS Gateway Key Features
-Support of both SMPP and HTTP
-Two-way Messaging
-High throughput - 1500 messages/sec
-Support of Encoding Format
-Firewall Blocking for SPAM Messages
-Live Traffic Monitoring
-DND (Do not Disturb)
-Support of Multilingual, Unicode and Concatenated Messages
-Queue Management:
-Set Vendor Window Size
-Regulate Client Throughput
-Full Support of DLR Messages
-Billing Platform - An advanced set of modules that allows you to
route, control and monitor your SMS traffic, generate invoices and
track the billing status of your accounts.

Our Messaging System offers an advanced set of modules to control
and monitor the routed SMS traffic
-Advanced Dynamic Routing Rules
-CDR Macros
-Report Generation
-Periodic Invoices
-Repricing Tool

-Deals & Commitments
-Service Providers Support
-Multiple Companies Support
-Two-way Hubbing
-Broadcast Email Tool
-Prefix Translation
-Integration to 3rd Party Accounting Systems