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There is no escaping from the powers of advertising. With M-Rewards, OSNTELECOM is offering the market a triple win opportunity, benefiting Operators, Advertising Agencies, and subscribers all at the same time. The service is simple, yet ingenious. When a call is initiated, the caller usually spends an average of 10 seconds listening to the ringing tone whilst waiting for their call to be answered by the dialed party. M-Rewards uses this dead time to play an advert that can be as short as 7 seconds. Subscribers opting-in to this service benefit by collecting reward points each time an ad is heard. Subscribers can redeem these points for things such as free calls, free SMS, and free data. Anything operators would like to offer in fact.
M-Rewards is not only a premium platform allowing advertisers to achieve the widest reach; it merges a loyalty program that allows mobile operators to reward their loyal subscribers while gaining huge revenues